Hey Readers!

Thank you all so much for dropping by and taking a look at what our latest magazine issue had to offer. As it stands, a total of over 1,700 individual readers came by and read the Home Invasion Edition of HBM in it's first week! If we charged for our magazine, this one would be the fastest-selling issue ever!

Hello, Readers!

As you may have noticed, the January 2010 issue of HBM, titled Home Invasion Edition, was released to the masses yesterday afternoon at 5:00PM EST. Although we did come across a few bugs, we were able to take care of the majority of the problems before they became a burden....

It's 5:00PM EST, readers! Go and enjoy the brand new issue of Home Business Magazine! We've worked hard, and we hope it shows in the amount of content and special guests involved. This magazine gets archived in 2 weeks time, so you have all the time in the world. Thank you for your patience!
January 5th is finally here, and our relaunch for Home Business Magazine is set to go off. Due to a few technical difficulties, we were obligated to push back the launch of the magazine by a few hours. You will be able to view all the content we have laid out for you by 5:00PM EST on the dot. If you still experience any problems after that time, use our Contact page to send us a message. We can't believe it's finally here! You won't be disappointed, and we're already setting up plans for our February Edition of HBM. We hope you have the chance to take part in the polls we release. Enjoy (at 5:00PM)!