Hey folks!

It's been a few days since we let you guys know what was going on here with the HBM Team lately. This post is for those who want to know as much information as you can get about the upcoming Spring issue of Home Business Magazine. If you've been with us for the few years we've been around, you know we've been involved in some major changes before.

Hey readers!

Just a quick note about the progress of HBM's new seasonal schedule and what we'll be planning for you Home-goers in the months ahead!

We're sifting through the best titles for this issue (set to launch sometime this Spring), but tonight is the night we'll be heading into PlayStation Home to take the last few photos for the magazine. With that said, we have a ton planned for you all so look forward to another post detailing the core segments in the Spring issue of HBM within a few days!
Great news, Readers!

PlayStrum Productions is going through a massive change beginning today that you have to check out! All of the news can be found on the official website, of course. We hope you all enjoy the read! We are personally very excited to see the final outcome of the big changes.

PlayStrum (or the we