Well, folks. We're packing our bags and turning a new page in our own journey...


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Hey there, Readers! With just under one hour until the launch of Home Business Magazine's New Edition, we thought this would be a great time to speak to all of you regarding our possible final issue...

Hey Readers!

Within a few days, you'll all get to see our latest addition to the Home Business Magazine line! As we continue our celebration, we've added a temporary Home page for all of you to see. This will serve as our default Home page for the time being and includes a
Hey Everyone! Hope you're enjoying E3 so far!

Just a quick reminder that the polishing stage of Home Business Magazine: New Edition has gone off without a hitch and today marks the beginning of the final stage before the launch of our magazine! As part of this final stage, we've added a couple of small changes to the website overall, but the biggest one is the new tradition of us putting up what we call "The Big Banner". The new banner you see above is the very first of it's kind here at HBM.

Overall, we're very excited to get this underway and we can't wait for you to final see the New Edition!