The HBM Team's information has been added to the HBM Database page. Later in the future, we will replace the Team's PlayStation Network avatar with our representative avatars from PlayStation Home. At the moment, you can view our PSN avatars with a short description of what our positions are. We also opened up a Partnership spot under the Team descriptions so you can see what our partners have to offer.

If you would like to promote a Partnership, send us an email in the Contact Form of the HBM Database page.
After checking out last night's minor content after PlayStation Home's usual maintenance procedure, the Team has viewed all there is to see this Thursday. With that, the August Issue's construction begins. Since this is only the second issue to be released for this website, here is a list of what you should expect to see when the August Issue releases towards the end of the month...

Sony & the Home Devs wants the Home crowd's opinion on how the video content is brought to us in the North American Home Theater. The question is "How do you like to view videos in the Home Theater?" with two answers following. You can pick either a Progressive Download, or you can pick to go to a Traditional Download. The Progressive Download is leading at the moment, but the Traditional way isn't too far behind.Be sure to make your pick at the forums. There is also a thread in those same forums by CRUNKRIS.


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Our header for the moment is a picture of Auditorium 2 in the NA Theater. This is just a temporary header image with a special "Poster" texture added to it. This will get changed when our photographer gets back from vacation and our graphic designer fits it in for installation.

If you would like to give us a cool header to put up in the website, send it to us by emailing in the HBM Database page. Make sure it is 960x314 in dimension size and we might just use it!

UPDATE: The header image might not pop up right away for you. It still takes time to take effect, but you should see it soon. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

UPDATE II: The header should be viewable now so if you don't see it, you can e-mail us in the Database page.
We really do love how the website is coming along, and we appreciate the fantastic support we've been getting from the community, but I think it's time we finalized the website with a wider and somewhat darker template. If you are viewing this post the day it was posted, you may already see the new design. You can also see that the small "HBM" centered as the header image. This will be changed in time with a much more vibrant PlayStation Home-themed header. As we go through this maintenance, you should be aware that the pages are still exactly the same. The only difference is the way you get to them. The Navigation Bar was moved to the top of the page, right under the header. Stay tuned and we'll let you know how everything goes when the dust settles.
The Home Theater has gone through a few big changes (Mall Renovations page) and since then, the Home Community has noticed some content in one of the Auditoriums. This unrelated content was Shakira's new "She Wolf" music video.

It looks like Shakira won't be the only one on these virtual big screens. We've recieved word from our friend tonydamiani of the Forums that Chris Angel content will also see some Home visitors. This is a great advertising idea from whoever came up with it, and you'll know why once we tell you what you'll get for just taking the time to look into this Auditorium. For the furniture freaks who love filling up their Home spaces, a Chris Angel Coffin Couch will be rewarded for free!

We are definitely excited to get our hands on it, and we will be watching the videos on the big screen, so expect some images of it all come the day of release on August 6th.

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The July 2009 Issue of Home Business Magazine is finally finished! You can now view every page in the website. Although this is not part of the issue, we would like you readers to know that the HBM Team section of the Database page is not complete. We still have to add photos for the members of the team, as well as a short description of what they do. We will announce when that is done here on the Homepage.
We were able to patch up the little issue with the Polls this morning. It turns out it wasn't the Poll's problem, but we decided to make a change anyway. If you already voted, please take the time to go back and vote one more time. We really look forward to hearing from you guys!

UPDATE: As part of the great glitch fix, we were also able to fix the image in the top-left corner of the header. Now we can finally let you know about the issue's status.
The Home Business Magazine's website launch was a huge success! With six involved members in the HBM Team, we've been doing great working together since the launch of the magazine. However, we could always use extra members that can contribute to the magazine in unique ways. Below are a list of volunteer opportunities. Although you don't get paid in cash, there can be benefits as a result of joining the Team:

Publisher - An HBM Publisher contributes to the team by publishing the stories and articles made by our editors. Your job is to get these stories to Jim777 for editing. Upon getting the final draft, you then send it to Elirox for approval. After the article is approved, the process ends when you post the article up in it's own page here on the site. You must have some knowledge of how to use's website editor.

Back-Up Photography - This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are good with a camera, or you happen to own equipment that allows you to record or take images of your television, this job is for you.

If you would like to take one of these jobs, send us an email by going to the HBM Database page. More job opportunities might be available in the future.
There has been notice of two unexplainable occurrences within the website. One is the the image on the top-left of our Header. If you see an image of a leaf, you are seeing the wrong image. It is originally supposed to be a custom image from Home Business Magazine, but it won't show for some readers. We also got word from a friend that there is a major glitch when viewing the HBM Polls page. Upon entering the page, the rest of the Navigation Bar turn to white along with the Poll itself, which is actually black and red. We are trying our best to get this issue fixed and will notify you as soon as we have everything under control.