Lately, we've titled our monthly issues with *This Month* *This Year*, and haven't given it much though. Since January is our relaunch, we've decided to rename it to make it stand out more.

Home Business Magazine: Home Invasion Edition will be displayed as the Header's title! We hope you like it.
It looks like the first magazine for 2010 will bring us our first video! Our friends at have decided to partner with us. As a result, you readers will get treated to a video or two of PW's own videos, exclusively on Home Business Magazine!

We've always tried to give readers a chance to get their latest issue without having to get stuck to a TV screen or monitor. This is why we gave HBM a mobile counterpart on mobile devices like your cell phone or PlayStation Portable.

The HBM Database page has been separated. Now, you can click on "The Team", "The Partners" or the "Write To/For HBM" pages to access all of the information that was visible on the old HBM Database page.

Also, as part of our next steps moving forward and closer to our January 2010 relaunch, we've added actual photos from PlayStation Home into our Team page! Now, you can see what the members of the Team look like. The new pages are up, so check them out!
Hey Readers,

This is just a quick heads up for something that's bound to change before the end of the year...

Our January relaunch of Home Business Magazine is already shaping up to be a splash!

Home Business Magazine has been your source for in depth information concerning PlayStation Home since the summer of 2009. We prided ourselves for the quality that we've given readers since July, and we will continue to give you all what you wanted.

With this in mind, we believe we are ready to deliver on the greatest year for PlayStation Home to date. At the moment, we are going on "vacation" and we will stay that way until the new year. January 5th will be the anticipated release date for our re-release of the magazine. Expect plenty of new things to arrive with our first 2010 magazine, including in-depth reviews, much more high quality photos and possibly video reviews!

Stay tuned towards the end of the year for more updates and announcements. Currently, we are working with some new faces to join the team as photographers and much more. At any time during this process, you can email us to let us know if you're interested in joining the Team. There are always open spots!

Thank you all for the support, and we hope to catch you all soon!