Released right on schedule, Home Business Magazine's August 2009 Edition is out for the public to see! We've also made some changes that weren't present from the previous issue, so we'll describe them in short detail so no one gets confused...
  • We've introduced a new Drop-Down Menu that we will be using from now on!
  • Our articles can be found by picking one of the options in the Navigation Bar.
  • "HBM Exclusives" gives you a list of articles written by the Home Business Magazine team.
  • "Content" gives you a list of pages that describe content released within the Home Universe.
  • "Spaces" can give you reviews, impressions, previews and overviews of select PlayStation Home spaces.
  • "HBM Defaults" are the pages you normally come across during the off weeks when a magazine isn't displayed.
We hope you enjoy our new way of showing you the tons of content we've shown!

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