Just a quick reminder for everyone who enjoyed the August 2009 Edition of Home Business Magazine...
If you would like quick access to the latest issues of our magazine, don't forget to add us to your bookmarks! Whether it's on your PlayStation 3, PC or your laptop, bookmarking is as simple as a drag and drop or two button presses!

For all of the new PlayStation 3 Owners (we know there are a lot of you new guys out there), follow these easy steps to add the Home Business Magazine website to your PS3's Internet Browser bookmarks:

  • Open up your Internet Browser
  • Press "Start" on your controller
  • Enter this URL:  hbmag.weebly.com
  • Press "Select" on your controller (when our page has loaded)
  • Press the "Add To Bookmarks" option
And there you have it! With this website bookmarked, it will make things that much easier to check out our latest magazine. Speaking of magazines, don't forget to check out the Home Business Magazine: September 2009 Edition coming at the end of September! We have even more planned for that one, including a segment that you readers chose.

By a majority of votes, Clubhouse Leader Interviews have been chosen to be our permanent magazine segment! This month, we get our hands on the biggest clubhouse in PlayStation Home. That's right, folks. We're interviewing the widely-known Nameless Ones! More information on the major interview will be showing up over the coming weeks.

Also as part of some positive feedback from the PlayStation.com Forums, we will be introducing a brand new image-based sketch due to hit before the end of this year! You won't want to miss it. As always, we appreciate the enthusiasm and we couldn't have accomplished this magazine without you. As our results show, we are on our way to wide-range Home popularity status and, thanks to all of you, we continue to pump out new and innovative ideas.

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