The Home Theater has gone through a few big changes (Mall Renovations page) and since then, the Home Community has noticed some content in one of the Auditoriums. This unrelated content was Shakira's new "She Wolf" music video.

It looks like Shakira won't be the only one on these virtual big screens. We've recieved word from our friend tonydamiani of the Forums that Chris Angel content will also see some Home visitors. This is a great advertising idea from whoever came up with it, and you'll know why once we tell you what you'll get for just taking the time to look into this Auditorium. For the furniture freaks who love filling up their Home spaces, a Chris Angel Coffin Couch will be rewarded for free!

We are definitely excited to get our hands on it, and we will be watching the videos on the big screen, so expect some images of it all come the day of release on August 6th.

From tonydamiani
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