Our January relaunch of Home Business Magazine is already shaping up to be a splash!
Currently, there are two projects under development that have never been seen before in our previous issues. One we are about to explain here, and the other is to be held secret until later this year. For those who somehow don't understand the title, Clans@Home is going to be HBM's exclusive new piece that spotlights clans of the PlayStation Network who utilize PlayStation Home and what it's worth.

Unfortunately, this addition won't be held monthly, but there will be a big piece coming this January. Just to let you all know ahead of time, we might not necessarily find your clan, although we will be trying. If you want your moment in our magazine, contact us and give us your clan's information so we can discuss the piece for an upcoming issue. Who knows? Your clan might even end up in the Header*!

*Header - The Home Business Magazine's "Header" is equivalent to that of a physical copy magazine's front cover page. However, with HBM's Header, you can be viewed no matter what page the reader is in!

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