Hey Readers!

It's been months since we reached out to you all and let you know what's been going on with the latest issue! Well, here's your update..
As of this morning, we're down to the last three segments of the magazine. We'll be finished with the entire content of the magazine by this Friday, leaving us with just over two weeks of polish before we set up for our official launch this June 13th.

On the business side of things, those who follow our publisher - Media Street - probably already know about the dilemma facing Home Business Magazine. After weeks and weeks, the decision has been made to set an ultimate goal for HBM as an operating PlayStation Home magazine. If we fail to reach our usual reader viewership on launch day, there will be no more Home Business Magazine. We will be shut down. Luckily, recent observations show that our readers are not only coming back to check up on us, but are becoming more active everyday! If this trend remains up until launch, we should be on our way to making our next issue!

Stay tuned to HBM as June 13th inches closer
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