The PlayStation 3 Slim? True. The PlayStation 3 Price Drop? True. Firmware 3.00 announcement? Also true. It looks to us like all the rumors running around since before and after E3 2009 happened to be true. The PS3 Slim & a price drop were both announced, causing huge applause in the audience...
PlayStation Home users were not left out of the picture. After looking at what was said at GamesCom, we thought it would be nice to show you what we could be expecting soon from Home.
  • Audi will be releasing a Home Space
  • Singstar Home Space (complete with video jukebox, music quiz & "interactive" dance floors)
  • "Audi TV" will be showcased in PlayStation Home. Most likely in the Home Theater.
  • Audi TV will launch before the Audi Space does.
  • More dance moves will be available.
  • Cameras will make an appearance, which you can use to take pictures (and videos?).
  • You will be able to "throw a ball" in the future.
  • You'll be able to drink a "shrinking potion"
That's all we were able to gather at the moment, but new information should be released tomorrow in the PlayStation Blog. Stay tuned.
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