Well, folks. We're packing our bags and turning a new page in our own journey...
There isn't much to say here tonight. Readers of our magazine will be able to view and download all of the issues we've released in a page available after we complete the archiving a few weeks from now. 

It's been a great ride and we've enjoyed working to get the content out to you all as much and as soon as possible. Since 2009, we've done our best to keep readers in the loop and make everyone's PlayStation Home experience just a little better. You'll be able to find some members of the HBM Team working full time in the Media Street website, on other PlayStation Home magazines around the internet and doing other independent projects.

Again, thank you all very much for the opportunity you've given us to provide you with exclusive content. These past three years have been a blast and it's been an honor to come here and entertain you.

Safe surfing and goodbye.
Linda Sanches
12/5/2015 10:13:14 pm

I'm looking for the first four parts to Patient Mysteries: Are You Thyroid Deficient? I can't find them in your previous issues on line.


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