Hey there, Readers! With just under one hour until the launch of Home Business Magazine's New Edition, we thought this would be a great time to speak to all of you regarding our possible final issue...
We've been at this same old website for over three years now, trying to give Home-goers an interesting bunch of content developed and delivered by your very own PlayStation Home peers. It's been quite an on-again-off-again journey, but the end result was always a positive one.

The HBM Team would just like to thank all the readers and Home-goers who made the pre-launch days bearable and - in the end - worth every second. We'll be here for at least a month after the launch of the New Edition to gather and questions or information you may have for us but, as we've mentioned before, this issue may be our final one. If we happen to fail our reach of minimum readership, this website will be archived and all our work from the past will be published freely for everyone to download.

We hope you enjoy HBM: New Edition and hopefully, we will see you all again soon.
8/8/2012 11:33:22 am

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