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Before we gave you all the silent treatment (the positive kind; we promise we've been working the whole time!), those of you who follow the Media Street website received a tiny hint that the HBM Team would be revealing some more news about what will be included in the New Edition sometime during the month of March. Well, folks.. it's March!
Beginning at this very hour, and continuing all the way up to June 1st, we'll be opening our inboxes to a new segment in Home Business Magazine called "The Reader Feeder".

At first, we figured we should make this exclusive to the quarterly magazine launch dates that we've set for the year, but we came to the conclusion that it's not enough. What we'll be doing instead is keep this segment "available" all day, everyday for readers to speak their minds about absolutely anything related to PlayStation Home. Whether it's a question, concern, or full-blown rant, we'll have an answer to them all.

The deadline that we spoke about (June 1st) is this season's deadline for readers to make it to the release of our New Edition. That's right! We're dedicating two full pages to The Reader Feeder in this season's issue, so be sure to get those thoughts to us in less than three months.

Our second announcement also relies on those who want to be heard. User-Generated Comics and User-Generated Articles are now open and also have a set deadline for June 1st for this issue. We're publishing and crediting all "comic-strips", reviews, previews and overviews focused within Home and the PlayStation Home community. Examples of how these segments work will be explained later this month and into the next month.

Finally, we're officially announcing another original HBM Article in the form of "Top 5 Things People Do In Home". The article is currently our main focus, and will be finished within the next two days. After finishing this article, we will be moving on to the completion of a new - yet top-secret new piece of content for our most devoted readers.

Thank you all for taking the time to keep checking us out! We say this a lot, but we really can't thank the readers enough for all the support. Clearly, you've all done your part in spreading the word about our magazine, as our average daily traffic continues to rise. We can't wait to show you what we've been developing! June 13th cannot come soon enough!
11/9/2013 03:20:04 pm

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