Hey folks!

It's been a few days since we let you guys know what was going on here with the HBM Team lately. This post is for those who want to know as much information as you can get about the upcoming Spring issue of Home Business Magazine. If you've been with us for the few years we've been around, you know we've been involved in some major changes before.

Hey readers!

Just a quick note about the progress of HBM's new seasonal schedule and what we'll be planning for you Home-goers in the months ahead!

We're sifting through the best titles for this issue (set to launch sometime this Spring), but tonight is the night we'll be heading into PlayStation Home to take the last few photos for the magazine. With that said, we have a ton planned for you all so look forward to another post detailing the core segments in the Spring issue of HBM within a few days!
Great news, Readers!

PlayStrum Productions is going through a massive change beginning today that you have to check out! All of the news can be found on the official website, of course. We hope you all enjoy the read! We are personally very excited to see the final outcome of the big changes.

PlayStrum (or the we
Hey readers and the rest of the PlayStation Home community!

As you may have noticed, we've been on hiatus for well over a year. While we wish we didn't have to take that break, our publishing company needed to gather more resources and get more of the issues ironed out before we could continue. Now that we're rounding the corner and heading into the New Year, it's about time we get back to the drawing board and rebuild all that needs work around here! 

As we continue to do our best to bring all the resources together to get a brand new issue up and running, we simply couldn't help but notice our surprising amount of returning visitors during our development cycle. As we've said before, we want to keep people focused while we develop so you not only have something to do, but also generate excitement for our latest issue. It's about time we let you all know about the ideas and obstacles we've been facing....

Hey Readers!

Home Business Magazine is finally set straight and is on the development path as we speak! With this news, we're proud to announce that you should be able to check out the latest magazine by the end of July or early August, if everything stays on track. Of course, we will notify you all if a firm release date is planned so make sure to subscribe to HBM if you haven't already ("Subscribe" on the right) so you can get the latest news before anyone else along with a few exclusive surprises we have planned.

June is almost upon us. That month will mean relentless work for the Team, but it will definitely pay off in the end. If you have any questions regarding the magazine, you should know where to contact us by now (HBM Defaults > Write To/For HBM for those who don.
Since the launch of the PlayStation Home Open Beta in December 2008, those curious enough to go inside and explore the virtual world were met with bored "hardcore" gamers looking to have some fun with random people, whether it be offensive to the person or not. Hate it or love it, Home has changed in a way that opens arms a bit more to allow the "casuals" to become a majority. Over time, it seems like the overall community has matured a bit to the point where some are willing to take their friendships to that next level...

Hello Readers,

Today we have some rather unfortunate news to share with you all. Due to untimely limitations at the moment, we cannot release the latest issue of Home Business Magazine (Home For The Summer Edition) by early June. Thankfully, with this extra time, we can make adjustments to the things we've been itching to fix. Also, to show you how sorry we are, we will be adding even more content to what we already have planned.

We are currently trying to set up a deal with a company to provide some upcoming content exclusively. Because of this, we can't really specify the new release date. As long as you stay tuned to our website, you'll get the latest information on when you can expect the next issue!

Thank you for your time. We're truly sorry about the delay, but we think it's for the better in the end.
It was announced this morning that our publisher, PlayStrum Productions, will be launching a brand new (or, at least, publicly announced) project sometime in 2011. This project, currently labeled as "Pop Culture Parody" or PCP, will poke fun at today's hottest topics, trends, music and more...

Mornin' Readers!

We here at HBM normally mention that we'll be announcing big things at least two to three weeks ahead of time so you all have something to look forward to in the future. Last night we mentioned some extra features coming soon to HBM in time for the "Home For The Summer" Edition of our magazine. This time, you won't have to wait a few weeks to hear what the announcement is. Check this out...