Well folks, we have some exciting new information to share with all of you today and we hope it'll get you excited for the ultimate launch on June 13th. Here we go..
Earlier this week, we told our HBM readers that we'd have news ready for them in the next post, which was supposed to be published later that night. Of course, that didn't happen, but this was due to a change in one of our segments. No worries! That segment is still in there and it looks better than ever!

With that said, we worked on the final touches of this segment and are now officially completed with the entire magazine! That's right, it's pretty much ready to launch! However, since we do try our best to get the utmost quality out of our magazine releases, we're still holding on to our June 13th launch. Still, this doesn't mean we can't give out the full statistics of what we've done for HBM: New Edition!

1. As of May 30th at 10:03PM, we finished the final segment and headed straight into what is known as our "Polishing Phase". In this phase, we simply go over every little detail in the magazine and fix anything that needs fixing. We stay in this phase for a week. This means we'll be done polishing by June 6th, where we head into the final stage of our magazine's pre-release journey.

2. We haven't told you guys this, but we internally set a page limit for the New Edition - something we've never done in our history - to an incredible 80 pages to ensure that we don't "ramble on" with the content provided.

3. The HBM Team went over that limit; by two pages. Yes, folks, we have a total of 82 pages available for readers!

4. For the record, that's 72 whole pages more than the largest magazine we've ever launched, making this one the biggest, most content-packed magazine we've ever launched - by far.

5. Keep in mind that we have a new format. These "physical magazine pages" we speak of are where the actual content is held. To hold all of this, we needed to open up a record-breaking 19 extra pages just to fit them all. For our previous record-holder, we only needed four.

6. We officially began working on the latest magazine on December 13th, 2011.

7. We officially finished with all the content on May 30th, 2012, making this issue a six month endeavor.

8. Our photo count for the August 2009 issue (our old record-holder) was about 14. The New Edition is home to over 134 photos.

9. If you don't remember, we officially revealed this issue on February 1st, just under two months after we initially began. It only took us that long because we needed a permanent name for the magazine before we could talk about it. At the time, we only had 12 pages completed. 70 more to go!

10. When we revealed HBM: New Edition, we had 4 brand new segments in mind for our readers. All of them made the cut and, on top of that, we added even more - totaling to about 11 new segments.

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Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

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