Now that we're in the month of November, we can safely look at the progress being put together and say we really are excited for the re-release in two months. Our current content under development is running smoothly, and our partnerships look stronger than ever before. Since we've noticed some of you readers taking quick peeks here and there, we thought we shouldn't have you come by for nothing. We compiled a list of content that has been confirmed to be launched along with the Home Invasion Edition of HBM...
  • Special Interview With Big-Name Club Leaders
  • Interview With PS3 Clan For Clans@Home
  • Brand New PlayStation Home Videos
  • New HBM Poll
  • Letter To The Editor
  • Ladies VS Men's Fashion Coverage
  • ATP (Across The Pond) Is Back!
  • PlayStation Home Editor's 2010 Wishlist (with commentary)
  • A Look Back At Home In 2009 Article
  • Why PlayStation Home Is Here To Stay (Article)
  • Jim777's Blog Brief
  • Cover & Title Ideas Promo
And much more that we're thinking about at this very moment.

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