Hey Readers!

Thank you all so much for dropping by and taking a look at what our latest magazine issue had to offer. As it stands, a total of over 1,700 individual readers came by and read the Home Invasion Edition of HBM in it's first week! If we charged for our magazine, this one would be the fastest-selling issue ever!

Anyway, we have a legitimate reason as to why we haven't been filling you in with the Feb. 2010 issue of HBM. As it so happens, more of you seem to want a Quarterly magazine as opposed to a monthly one. We will be more than pleased to follow through with your request. This wasn't the whole reason for leaving you guys without any information.

The biggest reason is for the big plans we have set up for the next HBM issue. If all works out the way it should, you'll be seeing a much better Home Business Magazine. One that you simply cannot miss! We'll have more as it unfolds but until then, sit tight as we archive the Home Invasion Edition. This issue is already up in the Vault page, so go check it out there if you haven't already.

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