Earlier on, after our announcement that we would be coming back, we mentioned that we would be developing an exclusive article to profile popular, well-known or actively strong gaming clans across the PlayStation Network Universe. To kick off our "Home Invasion" Edition of HBM, Clans@Home will be covering the XiLeZ...

Select XiLeZ Officers & Leaders
XiLeZ have had a long history. While we can't detail everything about their past just yet, we do want to point out the strength with in this "Fraternity". They started in April 2007, and since then, have spread out everywhere from Resistance 2, to Rainbow Six: Vegas and Killzone 2. Their most recent invasion, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, is something that these guys are used to. They've been active in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare since it's launch in late 2007, and within almost a week into their debut (and on Friday the 13th, nonetheless), the XiLeZ practiced with an outstanding record for the day, only losing by a tiebreaker in one game throughout the whole night.

They reached a new height in popularity after a clan battle on Rainbow Six: Vegas in 2007, hosted by GameBattles.com. XiLeZ are one of the first clans on the PlayStation 3 to successfully break up an opposing clan after a battle. The reason? Both clans worked as a team. One came out on top with a shut-out victory. If they caught your interest, make sure to catch the full article on our exclusive "Clans@Home" page when HBM: Home Invasion Edition debuts on January 2010. Until then, visit their group on Facebook or MySpace and keep yourself close to Home Business Magazine!


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