Hello, Readers!

As you may have noticed, the January 2010 issue of HBM, titled Home Invasion Edition, was released to the masses yesterday afternoon at 5:00PM EST. Although we did come across a few bugs, we were able to take care of the majority of the problems before they became a burden....
As we looked at the charts for the first-day readers of HBM, we came across a pleasing number. Within the first night, we gained a total of 237 readers! That number since Jan. 5th at 5:00PM has stayed constant since then, with over 200 individual readers every hour, taking our charts up to approximately 650 total readers within the two days of our relaunch. This is a great achievement for us in just this short notice because our last issue's total readers was capped at 2,500, which was upon our archive point.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many readers who looked at our new and improved Home Business Magazine, and we encourage you all to participate in the polls we have around the site.

Thanks for reading!

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