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As we continue to build upon our latest magazine for the planned spring release, we're also hard at work cooperating with many different groups that we've worked with in the past to gather feedback on what would be the best fit for this upcoming edition. Today is finally the day to reveal a great amount of information about what we've been working on. As promised, this post will have every detail we can currently unleash to the public. Keep in mind that what you read here is only what we have solid plans for and what we've actually completed and polished so far...
That's not a preview banner, folks. That's the real deal, size and all. As part of our new format, we've decided to go for a much more traditional magazine look. We're proud to announce the official title for the upcoming HBM issue. Here are some big details for Home Business Magazine: New Edition..

Hitting Home - This is a brand new and very exciting segment that will be officially taking off in the issue following this one (but will be advertised in a couple of pages throughout the New Edition). This segment relies entirely on user input, so we hope the average Home enthusiast isn't shy!

What this segment entails is a user-written letter to us here at HBM expressing your opinion on any topic you choose to talk to us about. Most of these letters will be getting responses from us that will be published on the latest issue of Home Business Magazine! We will be trying to squeeze in some letters in for the New Edition if they get sent in to us in time for the release so be sure to get those creative juices flowing!

Advertising - We wanted to add this to the list of information because we wanted to clear up any misunderstandings that readers may have. Our advertisements are only published if it involves websites or third-party PlayStation Home-based companies. We don't intend to make you guys look at ads about things you'll never buy. We're just putting up ads about things you might want to check out (especially if you're a fan of HBM).

Harvey - We will be introducing our very own "mascot" to the community, if you will. As you can see, his name is Harvey. Harvey the Homebody. There are two instances where you will most likely see him - at the end of review articles and throughout our "comics", which we will explain later on.

Fashion Is Back! - One of our most popular pieces in our history has been about fashion. It was only fair that we brought it back in style! In the New Edition of HBM, you'll be setting your eyes on new fashionistas in new locations with new outfits and maybe some comments from these Home socialites.

Home Icons - This one is very interesting because we've been trying for years to attempt a segment like this, but found it to be a very big challenge. Luckily, we're closer than ever before to actually making this happen and we're very excited about it! This segment can be compared to an older segment we tried called Clans@Home. Home Icons expands on this idea beyond just gaming clans and into legitimate PlayStation Home-dedicated groups or solo icons that are considered well-known amongst the tens of millions participating in Home today.

Polls - Quite self-explanatory, but still important to us. We will be releasing a poll that readers can vote on starting on the New Edition's release date. As always, it will be completely optional to vote on.

Reviews - We'll be piling on the reviews for you guys, including full-length reviews for RC Rally, Uncharted 3's space, Bootleggers '29 and more!

Comics - We'll be implementing a brand new comic-strip segment for our magazine from now on! Comic strip characters can range from fictional characters made through the HBM Team (like Harvey!) or actual avatars from PlayStation Home. More information on these comic-strip segments will be released before the launch of the New Edition.

Overviews - Our readers don't get to see us very often in the Home community or even in the Home world, so we thought we'd go out there, take pictures and hang out in new locations around PlayStation Home. This is what we're calling "Overviews". This upcoming issue has a few and we'll have plenty more ready in the future. What it is essentially is a personal, casual view of the Home life through the eyes of a journalist.

Interviews - These are very well-liked among the HBM community, so we wanted to give you as much as possible! We'll have a small form of interviews with the fashionistas in their dedicated pages and more interviews via our Home Icons segment, but here will be interviewing even more Home users here through our Interviews segments. These are simply for the "everyday" people of Home and their views on certain topics.

& More! - We have quite a few more segments that we can list here, but we would rather hold it off for a future post where we can give you a more detailed explanation as to what we've got whipped up for this massive edition.

We'll have much more information to display as the months leading to the launch comes and goes. We hope you are all excited for the New Edition, and we can't wait to show you everything we've been working on! Talk to you all soon!

Oh! We can't forget about the release date! You can all expect to get a look at the completed product on:

June 13th, 2012!
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