It looks like the first magazine for 2010 will bring us our first video! Our friends at have decided to partner with us. As a result, you readers will get treated to a video or two of PW's own videos, exclusively on Home Business Magazine!
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x_Hollie_x, the founder of Playstation World.
x_Hollie_x is a well known and active PlayStation Home community member who creates videos for her viewers to check out. The deal that PW had with us was to release an exclusive video scheduled to be released with the January 2010 edition of Home Business Magazine simultaneously! We can't go into specifics, or what this video is going to be about, but it will definitely be worth the look.

Also, do yourself a favor and take a look at for videos, photos, user-generated content and one of the most active PlayStation Home forums out right now! You might want to go there now. Hollie and the rest of her team give away PlayStation Network Cards as rewards! The challenge changes accordingly, so stop by and read the instructions on what to do to win yourself a free PlayStation Network Card. How many websites do you know that give those away more than once?

UPDATE: Some of you probably noticed a few problems with this article. The issues have been addressed. Sorry if that ruined your reading.
10/24/2009 11:55:38 am

cool! I've seen some of her videos.


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