The Home Business Magazine's website launch was a huge success! With six involved members in the HBM Team, we've been doing great working together since the launch of the magazine. However, we could always use extra members that can contribute to the magazine in unique ways. Below are a list of volunteer opportunities. Although you don't get paid in cash, there can be benefits as a result of joining the Team:

Publisher - An HBM Publisher contributes to the team by publishing the stories and articles made by our editors. Your job is to get these stories to Jim777 for editing. Upon getting the final draft, you then send it to Elirox for approval. After the article is approved, the process ends when you post the article up in it's own page here on the site. You must have some knowledge of how to use's website editor.

Back-Up Photography - This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are good with a camera, or you happen to own equipment that allows you to record or take images of your television, this job is for you.

If you would like to take one of these jobs, send us an email by going to the HBM Database page. More job opportunities might be available in the future.

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