With our August Edition of Home Business Magazine just a mere three days away, we felt it would be best to show you guys the progress that's been done, along with the cool new things that we plan on doing...
New Banners - Throughout July's Edition of HBM, we displayed a Banner above the Navigation Bar that showed off the new North American Theater. This month, we're taking Banners to a whole new level. We're going to be introducing a list-oriented, tabloid-style banner. With this new style, new readers can really get in the midst of the magazine, showing you some key features of this month's issue without having to look through all the pages to figure things out.

Heavy Hits - Two nights ago marked the day with the most views in HBM's history. We feel that we can top that night come Sunday morning. To make sure that we do, we've launched a full-on advertising vehicle. The first piece of major advertisement will be sent to the PlayStation.com PlayStation Home Forums. We will be showing the thread-posters a big chunk of what this month will hold.

N4G Publication - For those who aren't aware, N4G (News 4 Gamers) is a website that publicly displays news from game-related websites. You can expect to see us posted in there on Sunday, and this should bring some users along to check out what we have to offer.

Tweaked Normal Pages - We were able to fix some problems we've had with the normal pages like "Other Regions" and "Mall" pages. Now, you can view those pages with a much cleaner format.

New Watermark - As you can tell in one of our previous posts, we've added a watermark for our pictures. This made it easier for us to separate the watermark from the signature.

Signature - After our July issue, we introduced our official signature. This helps us get our recognition across and advertise easily by adding these in forums or social networking sites.

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